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100 Tons Excavator

High-quality 100 tons excavators manufactured by Quan Yu can be divided into front shovel excavators, backhoe excavators, pull shovel excavators, and grab shovel excavators according to their buckets. Shovel excavators are mostly used to excavate materials above the surface, while backhoe excavators are mostly used to excavate materials below the surface.

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Product Description

1. Powerful power system: A 100 ton excavator made in China by Quan Yu is equipped with an efficient power system, including a power engine and hydraulic system. The power engine has a high power output and can provide sufficient power to meet various operational needs. The 100 ton excavator's hydraulic system adopts advanced technology, which can provide efficient power transmission and excellent excavation performance.

2. Efficient excavation ability: 100 ton excavator possess excellent excavation ability and be able to quickly and accurately complete various excavation tasks. Its specially designed excavator has strong digging power and can easily handle various types of rocks and soil. In addition, the 100 ton excavator is equipped with a flexible rotary mechanism, making excavation operations more efficient and smooth.

3. Stable working performance: Adopting a stable and reliable design, it has excellent stability and balance. 100 ton excavator's chassis structure is sturdy and durable, capable of stable operation in various complex terrains. In addition, the 100 ton excavator is equipped with high-quality hydraulic systems and precise control systems, making operation more precise and improving work safety and reliability.

Product Parameter


Working Weight

77.2 T

Bucket Volume

4 m3

Engine Model


Rated Power/Rated Speed

336 kW/ rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity

950 L

Max./Min Travel Speed

4.8/3.0 km/h

Swing Speed

7.2 r/min

Grade Ability

35 °

Bucket Digging Force

300/328 kN

Arm Digging Force

238/260 kN

Ground Pressure

100 kPa

Traction Force

553 kN

Hydraulic Pump Model


Max. Flow Volume

490*2 L/min

Working Pressure


Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity

335 L

Overall Length

13104 mm

Overall Width

4256 mm

Overall Height(Boom Top)

5269 mm

Overall Height(Cab Top)

3530 mm

Ground Clearance

1600 mm

Min. Ground Clearance

898 mm

Rear Swing Radius

4500 mm

Track Ground Distance

4720 mm

Track Length

5957 mm

Track Gauge

2750/3350 mm

Track Width

3400/4000 mm


650 mm

Width of Upper Structure

3995 mm

Max. Digging Height

11673 mm

Max. Dumping Height

7642 mm

Max. Digging Depth

6868 mm

Maximum vertical digging depth

5727 mm

Digging depth @ 2.5m

6710 mm

Maximum digging reach

11762 mm

Maximum digging reach at ground

12064 mm

Min. Swing Radius

5070 mm

Max. Digging Height @ Min. Swing Radius

9890 mm

Distance between Swing Center and Rear Point

4500 mm

Track Grouser Height

50 mm

Counter Weight Height

2900 mm

Ground Length when in Transporting

7394 mm

Arm Length

3020 mm

Boom Length

7100 mm


Nude Pack.The packing of the commodity shall be in accordance with the export standard packing of the manufacturer,be suitable for long distance transportation of ocean and inland. The Seller shall be take measures against moisture,shocks and rust according to the special needs of the commodity. 

The manufacturer reserves the right of technical alteration /change for better improvement without prior notice

Our 100 Tons Excavator is suitable for earth and stone construction projects such as municipal construction, highway bridges, housing construction, road engineering, farmland water conservancy construction, port construction and so on.

Our has features of good flexibility and maneuverability, low fuel consumption, high construction efficiency, large digging force, comfortable driving environment and wide range of application.

Model Characteristics:

1. Engine

Engine that provides powerful performance and low fuel consumption. The overall system is optimised to provide a comprehensive performance upgrade.

2. Latest fuel filter

The latest fuel filer improves filtration and ensures oil inlet quality, thus improving the reliability of the 100 Tons Excavator under harsh operating conditions.

3. Hydraulic system

Hydraulic components are configured to match capabilities for excellent performance.

4. Structure

Finite element analysis is used in the structural design to strengthen key components so that they can withstand greater stress. This ensures that the 100 Tons Excavator stays durable under different harsh operating conditions.

5. Optional match

Optional tools include a breaker, a cold temperature activation device, and falling object protection, all to increase the capabilities of the 100 Tons Excavator.

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