3 Tons Used Wheel Loader
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3 Tons Used Wheel Loader

Quan Yu's high-quality 3 Tons Used Wheel Loader is a type of shovel transportation machinery widely used in engineering and urban construction sites such as highways, railways, ports, docks, coal, mines, water conservancy, national defense, etc. It plays an important role in reducing labor intensity, accelerating engineering construction speed, and improving engineering quality.

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Product Description

Quan Yu's high-quality 3 Tons Used Wheel Loader plays an important role in reducing labor intensity, accelerating engineering construction speed, and improving engineering quality.

3 Tons Used Wheel Loader,Compared to the time required to book and queue for delivery when purchasing new machines, purchasing a used car crane can be achieved in a short period of time.

The main function of a wheel loader is to shovel and transport loose materials over short distances. It is one of the fastest developing, best-selling, and most demanded models in the construction machinery industry. The most commonly seen one is a wheel loader, which is opposite to a tracked loader. Compared with tracked vehicles, it has advantages such as good maneuverability, no damage to the road surface, and easy operation. So wheel loaders have been widely used.

Product Parameter


Main parameter

Rated Rated operating load




Operating weight


Turning radius


Bucket capacity


Overall dimensions

7162 x 2354 x 3051mm

Operating parameter

Max breakout force


Max tractive force





Engine displacement


Rated power/speed





Transmission shifts of Gearbox


Transmission type

Fixed-shaft power shift

Torque converter

Single-stage three-element radial inflow

Speed at forward/reverse gear I


Speed at forward/reverse gear II


Speed at forward/reverse gear III


Speed at forward gear IV


Manufacturer and type




Working hydraulic system

Boom lifting time


Total cycling time(working device)


Working pressure(working device)



Tyre model


Tyre type

Low pressure wide base skew



Thread type



Service brake type

Gas-top oil four-wheel disc brake

Parking brake type

Increase hoof type



Coaxial flow amplification steering

System pressure


Steering pump type


Steering angle


Drive axle

Final drive type

Single stage spiral reduction

Final Reducer

I Planetary reduction

Hunting angle





Nude Pack.The packing of the commodity shall be in accordance with the export standard packing of the manufacturer,be suitable for long distance transportation of ocean and inland. The Seller shall be take measures against moisture,shocks and rust according to the special needs of the commodity. 

The manufacturer reserves the right of technical alteration /change for better improvement without prior notice

Efficient hydraulic system

Large displacement diversion hydraulic system to improve system efficiency

International famous brand hydraulic pump, reliable and durable

Industry-renowned high-pressure tubing

It is more convenient to increase the dedicated pressure measuring point for maintenance

Easy maintenance

The transmission torque converter is installed separately, which is more convenient for disassembly and maintenance

The fixed-shaft gearbox is simple and reliable in design, easy to maintain, and low in maintenance cost

Engine hood large side door design

The hydraulic system and brake system are equipped with pressure measuring joints, which is convenient for pressure detection

The water tank protection net can be opened for easy cleaning of the cooling module

Reliable transmission system

Industry-specific fixed shaft gearbox

Unipolar three-element torque converter, higher efficiency

Advanced cooling system

Technology cooling system, all-aluminum radiator

The cold end of the intercooler adopts a flexible design, which effectively reduces the failure of the intercooler

Using a thicker core, the environmental capacity is increased to more than 43 degrees

The use of water-cooled transmission radiator can effectively balance the water temperature and oil temperature, and improve the life of the gearbox bearing

Adopt integrated auxiliary water tank system and water pump inlet water supply pipe to reduce water pump failure and improve cooling performance

Add rubber suspension pads to the radiator to reduce the vibration of the radiator and increase its life.

Through the fully sealed design in the engine compartment, the backflow of hot air around the water tank is blocked. Ensure the full performance of the cooling system

Sturdy structural parts

Use database information to perform FEA (Finite Element) strength and fatigue life analysis on all structural parts, and check the analysis through OMSA (stress test analysis on the whole machine) test for the stress concentration position, which greatly enhances the structural strength And service life

Caterpillar's proprietary structural welding technology to eliminate welding seam stress.

High performance series bucket

Increase the height of the side blade, optimize the bottom of the bucket and the arc of the opening

High full load factor, reducing material spillage during loading, unloading and transportation

Protect connecting rods, hydraulic lines and cab components

Electrical system

The new instrument panel has bus communication function and complies with SAE J1939 protocol

The combination meter reduces the failure rate by 50% and adds a three-level alarm

Integrated electrical control box facilitates troubleshooting

Adding a diagnostic interface is conducive to fault diagnosis

Optional intake air preheating to ensure normal start at -25 degrees

Key components adopt waterproof design

Combination meter, three-level alarm

All second-hand wheel loaders have a service life from 2010 to 2023. Welcome to purchase

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