12 M3 Mixer Truck
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12 M3 Mixer Truck

Quan Yu's high-quality 12 M3 Mixer Truck:Mainly working in construction companies, because when using concrete pumps and mixers, construction companies can not only improve work efficiency but also reduce the workload of personnel.

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Product Description

Quan Yu's high-quality 12 M3 Mixer Truck is a specialized truck used to transport concrete for construction purposes; Due to its appearance, it is often referred to as a snail cart or olive cart. These types of trucks are equipped with cylindrical mixing drums to carry the mixed concrete.

The function of the driving device is to drive the rotation of the concrete storage tank, which is composed of a power take-off, universal shaft, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, control valve, hydraulic oil tank, and cooling device. If this part stops working due to a malfunction, the concrete storage tank will not be able to rotate, which will lead to the scrapping of the concrete inside the vehicle. In severe cases, it may even cause the entire tank of concrete to condense inside the tank, resulting in the scrapping of the concrete mixing transport vehicle. Therefore, the reliability of the driving device must be highly valued in use. To ensure the integrity and reliability of the driving device, the following maintenance work should be done:

a. The universal rotating part is a fault prone area, and lubricating grease should be added on time. The wear and tear should be checked regularly and repaired and replaced in a timely manner. The fleet should have a spare universal shaft assembly to ensure that if a malfunction occurs, it can resume operation within a few minutes.

b. Ensure that the hydraulic oil is clean. The working environment of the concrete mixer truck is harsh, and it is necessary to prevent dirty cement sand from entering the hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly according to the requirements of the user manual. Once water or sediment is found mixed in the hydraulic oil during inspection, it is necessary to immediately shut down the machine to clean the hydraulic system and replace the hydraulic oil.

c. Ensure that the hydraulic oil cooling device is effective. Regularly clean the hydraulic oil radiator to prevent it from being blocked by cement. Check whether the electric fan of the radiator operates normally to prevent the hydraulic oil temperature from exceeding the standard. As long as the hydraulic oil is clean, there are generally not many faults in the hydraulic part; But the service life varies depending on the manufacturer.

1. HOWO trucks with the engine are all equipped with heating and air conditioning which are electrically operated and automatically control temperature. This is the configuration for high-end sedan.

2. The sleeper of our product is designed according to the body shape of European and American people. The width reaches 600mm. The aluminum alloy frame has light weight and good rigidity. A wire mesh structure is internally installed. Compared with other products in the domestic market, our product can more effectively relieve fatigue.

Comfort: Sinotruk Howo brand cab, the design is more fashion and beautiful, make the driver more comfortable when driving.

Security: Imbedding in one time makes the main beam stronger. High strength makes it more safe and reliable.

Effective: Save more oil, attendance is high. And the mixing volume of tank is huge, with the huge horse power engine, can be adapted into all kinds of construction field.

Product Parameter


Truck Model

ZZ1257N3647N1(Left Hand Drive )

Truck Brand


Dimension (LxWxH) (unloaded)mm


Tank volume(m³)

Pump(ARK PV089MHR)+Motor(ARK MF089V)+Reducer(TOP P68)

Mixing Volume(M³):9m³               

Stuffing Volume(%):59.63

Feeding Speed(M³/min):≥3               

Discharging Speed(M³/min):≤2

Discharge Residue(%):≤0.2             

Slump Scope(mm):50~220

Drum Speed( Min):0~16               

Water supply Syste:400L/Pneumatic

Drum Material:Head 8mm;Body 5mm;Blade:3mm、4mm、5m

Approaching angle/ Departure angel (°)


Overhang (front/rear) (mm)


Wheel base (mm)


Max. Driving speed (km/h)


Front axle loading capacity (kg)


Rear axle loading capacity(kg)


Curb weight (kg)


Gross vehicle weight


Cab Model

SINOTRUK A7-W Lengthen cab,single bunk,new type seat,adjustable steering wheel,EURO new type heating & ventilating system,German VDO instruments,safety belts, exterior sun visor,stereo radio/cassette recorder,left driving,air conditioner

Engine Model


WD615.47(EURO II),371hp,6-cylinder in line, 4-stroke, water-cooled, turbo-charged & inter-cooled, direct injection

Rated Power(kw/rpm)


Make SINOTRUCK (CNHTC), Euro II emission standard, Thermostat with 71℃opening begin, Rigid fan


SINOTRUK Φ430 diaphragm-spring clutch,hydraulically operating with air assistance



SINOTRUK HW19710 transmission ,10 forward and 2 reverse

Brake system


Service brake

Dual circuit compressed air brake

Parking Brake

(emergency brake)

Spring energy, compressed

Steering system


ZF8118 Steering Gear Box ,hydraulic steering with power assistance.

(Left hand driving)

Option:ZF8098 Steering Gear Box(Right hand driving)

Front axle

SINOTRUK 9000kg Front Axle,new 9-ton front axles of equipped with drum brakes.

Rear axle

SINOTRUK 2*16000 Heavy reduction drive axle,STR hub-reduction with differential locks between wheels and axles, enforced STR axle,ratio:4.8;The basic configuration of HOWO series construction vehicle can be used in such bad environment as bad road condition, heavy impact and overloading, which is the best choice for heavy construction vehicle customers.

Wheels &Tire

Rims:8.5-20 10 hole-steel ;Tyres:12.00R20 radial tyre with 1 Spare tire.

Option:12R22.5 tubeless;315/80R22.5 tubeless;13R22.5 tubeless.

Electrical system

Electrics Operating voltage

24V,negative grounded


24V,7.5 Kw


3-phase,28V,1500 W


2x12 V,165 Ah

horn,headlamps,fog lights,brake lights,indicators and reverse light。

Oil Tank

Square type-400L Aluminum alloy fuel tank


Nude Pack.The packing of the commodity shall be in accordance with the export standard packing of the manufacturer,be suitable for long distance transportation of ocean and inland. The Seller shall be take measures against moisture,shocks and rust according to the special needs of the commodity. 

The manufacturer reserves the right of technical alteration /change for better improvement without prior notice

Concreet mixer truck series

Our concrete mixing transporter has ten series, more than 60 varieties, best-selling throughout the country and more than 20 countries in the world. This product has more than 20 patents, which automatic centering of the four roller mechanism, not only overcame the generated the noise and vibration of tank when the high-speed rotation, and greatly improve the stability, security and reliability of the vehicle. Mixer blades manufactured by a large three-dimensional stamping molding, within the tank welding into two complex curved spiral, realized three-dimensional mixing, ensure uniform concrete mixing, no segregation, fast front-rear feeding and discharging speed, the residual amount of concrete is almost zero.

Our concrete mixing tank production line is composed of 26 sets of large tooling and equipment, adopted a number of advanced technologies. Through the steel sheet blanking, mould pressing blade, drum, plastic, automatic assembling, welding and so on more than ten working procedure to complete the manufacture of tanks. This production line can produce 10 kinds of specifications of the concrete mixing truck tanks volume. The technical level in the domestic leading position.

Our concrete mixing truck compact structure, rational layout, beautiful shape, advanced technology, praised and loved by foreign users.


We are the agency for SINOTRUK wholesale truck series, we can supply HOWO tractor trucks, HOWO dump trucks, trailer truck, truck parts, agricultural machinery, Construction machinery and parts,HOWO concrete mixer trucks, special trucks and so on.we can supply trucks for our clients with good quality and competitive price, because we get directly support from the CNHTC factory.

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