6000L Fuel Tank Truck
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6000L Fuel Tank Truck

Quan Yu's high-quality 6000L Fuel Tank Truck is mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, coal tar and other oil products).

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Product Description

Quan Yu's high-quality 6000L Fuel Tank Truck Also known as mobile refueling vehicles, computer-controlled refueling vehicles, oil tanker vehicles, oil loading vehicles, oil transport vehicles, oil hauling vehicles, oil transport vehicles, edible oil transport vehicles, mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, coal tar and other oil products).

According to different purposes and usage environments, there are various refueling or oil transportation functions, including oil suction, pumping, and various oil sorting and discharging functions. The dedicated part of the oil truck consists of components such as the tank body, power take-off, transmission shaft, gear oil pump, and pipeline system. The pipeline system consists of an oil pump, a three-way four position ball valve, a bidirectional ball valve, a filter screen, and pipelines.

1. HOWO trucks with the engine are all equipped with heating and air conditioning which are electrically operated and automatically control temperature. This is the configuration for high-end sedan.

2. The sleeper of our product is designed according to the body shape of European and American people. The width reaches 600mm. The aluminum alloy frame has light weight and good rigidity. A wire mesh structure is internally installed. Compared with other products in the domestic market, our product can more effectively relieve fatigue.

Comfort: Sinotruk Howo brand cab, the design is more fashion and beautiful, make the driver more comfortable when driving.

Security: Imbedding in one time makes the main beam stronger. High strength makes it more safe and reliable.

Effective: Save more oil, attendance is high. And the mixing volume of tank is huge, with the huge horse power engine, can be adapted into all kinds of construction field.

Fuel Tank Truck Introduction

Our tank trucks for transporting light fuel oil are divided into two categories: oil trucks and fuel trucks. They are mainly used for light fuel oil such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene.

Transport and refuel, if necessary, transport and fill other non-corrosive liquids. The tank trucks produced by our company have the advantages of reasonable design, fine manufacturing, excellent materials and excellent performance. The main technical indicators are in line with the requirements of GB18564 and QC/T653 standards.

Main Structure and Working Principle

The tank truck (for example, large-tonnage sprinklers) is mainly composed of a car chassis, a tank assembly, a pipeline system, an oil hose, a mopping tape, and a protective device.

Tanker Body

The tank body is a metal atmospheric pressure tank, which mainly has carbon steel tanks, stainless steel tanks and aluminum alloy tanks. The working pressure of the tank body is not more than 72KPa, and the working temperature of the tank body is -40~+50°C.

The inside of the tank is equipped with a wave-proof plate, and some of the tanks are equipped with a longitudinal oil-blocking plate to reduce the impact of the oil in the tank on the head and the barrel.

There is a sedimentation tank and a sewage outlet at the bottom of the tank. The sewage outlet can be opened irregularly according to the situation, and the water and dirt stored in the sedimentation tank can be released. Integrated with the sedimentation tank, there is also an oil drain port through which the oil drain pipe can be connected to form a fuel tanker, or the oil pump inlet pipe can be connected to form a fuel truck.

The upper part of the tank body is provided with a safety frame, which is mainly for ensuring the safety of the user when operating above the tank body, and also for accumulating the oil spilled during the oil filling.

Fire extinguishing and silencing equipment

The tank trucks produced by our company are equipped with fireproof caps to facilitate transportation vehicles to enter the oil depot or gas station. In addition, customers can also install fire muffler, and vehicles equipped with fire muffler can be equipped without fireproof caps.

Bottom fueling system

Some models have a bottom refueling system. The bottom refueling system mainly consists of an explosion-proof manhole cover, a piping system, an oil and gas recovery system, an anti-overflow system and a pneumatic control system.

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Main products

1. Dump Truck / Tipper Truck

2. Hohan tractor Truck/ prime mover truck

3. Truck with crane / Truck mounted crane

4. Oil Tank Truck / Fuel Tanker Truck

5. Water truck / Water Tank Truck / Water Sprinkler Truck

6. Concrete Mixer Truck

7. Van truck / Insulated truck/ Refrigeration truck

8. Fecal suction truck / Sewage suction truck

9. Cement Powder Tank truck/ Bulk cement trailer

10. High-altitude operation truck

11. Semi Trailer ( flat bed trailer / skeleton trailer / dump trailer / side wall trailer / low bed trailer / container trailer, etc. )

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