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Roadheader are widely used in coal mines, metal mines, tunnel construction, underground mining, longitudinal freezing and other fields. Its main function is to drill tunnels or excavate tunnels above the surface to extract underground resources such as coal, metal minerals, and stone.

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Product Description

Roadheader series product is modern mechanical equipment for roadway excavation, covering over 10 specifications, types of light weight, medium weight and heavy weight with cutting power of 50KW to 315KW, cutting hardness of f4 to f12, which is applicable for the rapid excavation of coal, semi-coal and whole-rock roadway with cutting cross section of 3.8 to 42m2 and also applicable to the excavation of other mines, highway, railway and roadway of water conservancy project under similar condition.

Product Parameter

XCMG Manufactury Roadheader EBZ260 Tunneling Machine

Total length (m):


Rotate speed of the star wheel (r/min):


Total width (m):


Scraper chain speed (m/min):


Total height (m):


Traveling speed (m/min):


Total weight (t):


Dimension of the largest non -detachable part (m):


Cutting depth (mm):


Weight of the largest non-detachable part (kg):


Ground clearance (mm):


Power supply voltage (V):


Gantry height (mm):


Electric cutting motor (kW):


Grade ability:


Oil pump motor (kW):


Pressure to the ground (MPa):


System pressure (MPa):

Pump 1: 20; Pump 2: 25

Maximum heading height (m):


Variable piston double pump (ml/r):


Maximum positioning heading width (m):


Travel motor (ml/r)


Rotate speed of the cutting head (r/min)


Shovel plate motor (ml/r):


Head expansion range (m):


The first conveyor motor (ml/r):


Economic cutting hardness (MPa):


Traction (kN):



Nude Pack.The packing of the commodity shall be in accordance with the export standard packing of the manufacturer,be suitable for long distance transportation of ocean and inland. The Seller shall be take measures against moisture,shocks and rust according to the special needs of the commodity. 

The manufacturer reserves the right of technical alteration /change for better improvement without prior notice

Roadheader is mainly used for semi coal-rock roadway or rock roadway heading, with a maximum cutting hardness of 100 MPa.

Paten design of the integral-type first conveyor ensures stable and smooth transshipment and transportation, with low noise;

Optimize the cutting pick arrangement and adopts the head made of special wear-resistant screw blades, with good guide continuity and strong cutting capacity;

Preservative treatment in the lining made of special steel stainless materials and inner wall of the oil tank improves corrosion resistance of the roadheader;

Pneumatic oil recharging device is designed to supplement hydraulic oil to the roadheader under the help of downhole wind source, which avoids the disadvantage of time and energy waste and oil pollution in manual oil charging;

PLC-controlled automatic lubrication system is innovatively designed to lubricate key components of the roadheader, such as the load bearing wheel and rotor etc;

The hydraulic system adopts constant power control, pressure shutdown control and load sensitivity control, with its hydraulic elements adopting imported products of international famous brand; the system adopts the "triple filter", which effectively reduces the pollution and lowers the abrasion of hydraulic elements;

The electrical control system adopts a combined design of wireless control and manual control, with complete protection facilities, which ensure stable and reliable operation of the roadheader.

Working mode: mainly composed of walking mechanism, working mechanism, shipping mechanism, and transfer mechanism. As the walking mechanism advances, the cutting head in the working mechanism continuously breaks the rock and transports it away. It has the advantages of safety, efficiency, and good roadway quality, but it has high cost, complex structure, and significant losses.

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